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Spring 2018

Revised version of Born To Run


We recently had a go at learning the tune Centerpiece by ear (ie without the music).
Here is the music and a backing track. Why not try some bluesy soloing . . .

And also Blue Monk (same key)

Centerpiece (backing)


Here is an offering from me (Mark) for this term - The Tide Is High.
This piece was suggested by Gill and I know a number of you went to see Blondie last year.
My first attempt at scoring this tune got rather bogged down but Bernard kindly sent me
an alternative version by the Paragons and this current arrangement uses elements from both sources.

The Tide Is High DEMO


Skaravan, based on the Skatalites' interpretation of Duke Ellington's Caravan .
Beccy says this was one of her first ever arrangements for Saxshop, back in 2005.
She has completely rescored it (so nobody gets "over-skanked") but you can still
play along with the original recording which features Simon D'souza and Beccy.

Skaravan DEMO


Beccy, spurred on by a suggestion from her husband Ximo, has come up with an amazing arrangement of Proud Mary, based on Ike and Tina Turner's recording from 1970. The first part is slow and then the second part kicks in at double tempo.

Proud Mary part1 DEMO

Proud Mary part2 DEMO


Many thanks to Rob Wood for this great arrangement of Born To Run  (subtitled Born To Run to the pub ... )

Born To Run DEMO



Autumn 2017

Music from Rachel Hayward for Burning of the Clocks 2017


Mr Big Stuff DEMO

Hallelujah I Love Her So DEMO

Cabs and Kings DEMO

Cabs and Kings ORIGINAL (but in our key)

Careless Whisper DEMO



Summer 2017

Don't Stop DEMO

Problem DEMO


Problem Alt1 "D"+"I" VERY SLOW

Problem by Ariana Grande
as covered by Lucky Chops

Grapevine DEMO

Grapevine (melody only)

Grapevine (Sop+Alt1 backing)

Grapevine (Alt2+Ten1? backing)

Grapevine Alt3+Ten2 backing)

Grapevine (Ten3+Bari backing)

Grapevine SOLOS


Peanut Vendor DEMO

Peanut Vendor SOLOS



Spring 2017

Cherokee DEMO

Cherokee backing track - slower

Cherokee backing track - faster


Let's Dance DEMO

Let's Dance - Bowie (album version)


Don't Stop The Carnival DEMO


Makin' Whoopee DEMO (pt 1 first bit)

Makin' Whoopee DEMO (pt 2 soli + last bit)



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